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Where’s yours hiding? Or is it even hiding? Perhaps it’s sitting right there in the middle of your room. Perhaps it’s so big it’s disrupting your decor, nosing in your stuff, moving your things around… affecting your life. Then again, it might be small, still growing, an infant now but soon will outgrow the couch it hides behind.

While your elephant may not be the same color or size as my elephant, it’s still an elephant. It still keeps us from being what God wants us to be. If you don’t address the elephant in the room, it might just take over your eternity.


Yep. Like Always, They're Awesome.

Preaches for the Pleasant Valley church of Christ in Killen, AL. Happily married to Brianne for over 7 years and love his two sons Jarrett and Brooks! Austin grew up in Kentucky, so while living in Alabama is determined to prove that Kentucky does in fact have a football team.

Hiram preaches for the South Florida Avenue church of Christ in Lakeland, Fl. Hiram is a graduate of Bethune-Cookman University (B.S. in Criminal Justice), Nova Southeastern University (M.S. in Reading Education), and the Florida School of Preaching. He is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Old Testament from Freed-Hardeman University. He and his wife, Brittani, have two children, Nadia and Andre’. He teaches at the Florida School of Preachingand blogs at

Joe Wells holds an earned B.S. degree in Science along with a completion certificate from the Nashville School of Preaching and Biblical Studies and a Masters of Ministry degree from Freed-Hardeman University. Joe travels the country as a frequent speaker for youth and family events, men’s days, as well as gospel meetings. He is the co-founder of Kaio Publications, publishers of the Family Devotional series as well as the Finer Grounds Bible Study series for women. Joe is also the author of the book Game Plan: Developing a Spiritually Winning Strategy for Adults and Teens in Today’s Culture, Surviving: Helping Teens Find Peace on the Roller Coaster Ride of Divorce and most recently the book Sin to Salvation. Joe has served God in a public way since 2000 in the capacity of youth minister and gospel preacher, helping people make the connection with the Word of God and encouraging them to be transformed for Christ. He is blessed to the husband to the former Erin O’Hara, and they are the proud parents of four beautiful children: Colton (14), Michala (12), Camden (8), and Bennett (7). Joe currently serves as a minister with the Florence Boulevard Church of Christ in Florence, AL.

Originally from Southeast MO. Westley has preached for congregations in IL, KY, and TN. He’s the pulpit minister for the Forrest Park church of Christ in Valdosta GA. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Shelley. They have two children, Evie and Deacon. Westley has a Master of Ministry and also Master of Divinity degree from Freed Hardeman University. He also has a doctorate degree in Biblical Spirituality from Southern Seminary.

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We're gonna read your mind with these...

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It’s always the last weekend of February.

The event is designed for 6th grade to 12th grade, as well as college age. The themes and topics are targeted to encourage, warn, instruct, guide, and motivate our young people to be more Christ like and stand for truth!

Email us at In the email, please specify each attendee change giving us the original attendee’s name and the one it is being changed to. Also, please update t-shirt size and email if email is available (not required). Failure to do so will result in order complications and delays.

If you need to add attendees, it is recommended that you submit a second ticket order for yourself or group and bring all e-tickets to event.

If you want to cancel attendees and do not want to be reimbursed, then simply let us know who will not be attending. IF you need to remove attendees and request a refund for ticket, please cancel your current order and place a new order with your updated list.

To cancel orders, simply let us know your e-ticket number and we can take care of cancelling as well as reimbursement. We’ll email you the completion info.

Yes, If the deadline date specified for even has passed, all transactions are final and cannot be adjusted or cancelled. Please make note of this.

You're The Entertainment

Lights. Camera. Action.


The Film

Your youth group is responsible for coming up with an amazingly hilarious commercial spoof of your choosing. Pick any product that fits within our “Rules” and let your creativity run wild. We’re looking for witty, humorous, solid gold movie magic. Use action, drama, various camera angles, makeup, lights, special effects (safe), etc… The sky is the limit!

We will show the films during our ice cream social with a panel of random judges. Take a look at our rules for submission requirements. Most of all, have fun.

The Rules

  • Deadline: Saturday – February 16, 2019 (11:59PM)
  • Length: 2 minutes max.
  • Content: Clean, non-offensive, appropriate, modest, reverent, avoid involving Biblical principles.
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Submission Method: Please create or upload to an existing YouTube account and send us the share link. This link should not be shared with anyone else until after the film festival. We will use this link to access your film for the event. Again, do not share with anyone we want the videos to be fresh for the eyes at the event. Please proof your video before submitting to festival, also try and use HD quality for best viewing at show.
  • Submission Requirements: Email your link to the YouTube video along with the name of your congregation, casting credits for the film (who’s in it…etc.), and title of the film. Please separate these requirements into sections for ease of reading and legibility. Email to:
  • Special Rules: DO NOT, put the name of your congregation in the film or any identifying marks like credits. Titles of the Film are acceptable as long as they do not identify your congregation. We want the films anonymous until the winner(s) are picked by judges. We realize you may recognize people in film, however in the spirit of suspense, let’s avoid ID’s in the short film.

In case we missed something.

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